How does a corporate exec get to travel so frequently

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Planning, planning and more planning. Its as simple as that. At the beginning of each year I get out the calendar with all the public holidays listed and plot long weekends, look for where I can add 1 or 2 days of my vacation leave to form a long weekend.

I am fortunate on three counts, firstly I have 20 days paid vacation leave, I live in a country that has at least 15 public holidays throughout the year and finally Ivy and I live in the Philippines where a 3-4 hour flight gets you to so many Asian countries. There are so many great destinations to visit such as Ho Chi Minh, Penang, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Bangkok, or simple to get to in a short period of time.

Travel from Manila to most parts of Asia is quite affordable especially with a number of budget airlines servicing most of the Asian cities.

We usually plan one long 10 day to a 2 week vacation that requires an much longer flight and head to destinations such as Africa, Australia or Europe.

Travel doesn't mean you need to leave your own country I am sure there are plenty of destinations to visit in your own country. It just requires you to prioritise travel over other things. For me I don't spend too much money on possessions I do not need (other than photographic gear). My view is I would rather experience a new culture or a new local destination than buy a new TV.

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