Welcome to my little corner of the Internet where I share with you my images and thoughts from my travels. This website started off focusing on my travels, however now that I have settled back into Australia it will now reflect all my photographic endeavours.

My favourite forms of photography are wildlife, landscapes and travel.


I believe in conservation and the protection of our wildlife so future generations can enjoy. Anything we can do to stop the senseless poaching around the world we should do.

I currently have visited 39 countries and have many more on my bucket list. I hope through my photography that I can inspire you to travel a little more, explore this world, experience new cultures and taste different types of food.

I hope you enjoy my  photography.

What does photography mean to me?

I work in a corporate environment and all the stress that goes along with managing a multi million dollar business. For me Photography allows me to escape, it allows me to exercise my creativity. I feel very fortunate that I have the ability to travel as extensively as I do and to capture how beautiful this world really is through the lens of my camera.

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